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Benjamin D. Joffe is endowed with a unique set of skills acquired while working at national boutique, public service and private Michigan law firms.  These skills allow him to exploit advantages and avoid pitfalls while practicing dynamic areas of the Law.  

Practice Areas

Business Law

  • Formation

    • Articles of Organization

    • By-laws

    • Operating Agreements

    • Entity and tax implications

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    • Asset Sales​
    • Division Sales

    • Stock Sales

    • Mergers

  • Restructuring

  • Capitlization and Securities

Civil Litigation

  • Business and Commercial disputes

  • Property disputes

Electronically Stored Information and eDiscovery

  • Consulting

  • Pre-Litigation Planning

  • Litigation Response Plans

  • Data Mapping

  • Document Review

  • Information Governance

Cannabis Law

  • Licensing

  • Compliance

  • Local Outreach and Advocacy

  • Consultation

  • Administrative representation

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